Hi! I'm Steve Director of West 13 Web Ltd a highly experienced Website Developer based in Ealing, West London, I often undertake contract work for numerous digital agencies within the capital and really enjoy coding I do it in my spare time as well as professionaly and am always either refining my skill set or learning something new. I have been designing and developing websites professionally for 8 years having spent 3 years employed as a webmaster, frontend developer and a developer for Media agencies and e-commerce websites. My skillset encompasses a very broad range of languages and am profficent in the following HTML, XHTML, HTML5, DHTML, CSS2, CSS3, SASS, PHP, MySQL, ASP, MSSQL, JavaScript, JSON, JQuery, CreateJS, Greensock, XML and AJAX. As well as having experience with DHTML, LESS, Node, AngularJS, KnockoutJS, GreenSock, Flash AS2, Flash AS3, RegEx, Shell / Bash scripting, Google Web Designer. I use the latest Adobe CC products such as Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Edge Animate, Adobe Animate and Edge Code,(Premier Pro and After Effects if called upon) for development design editing and re-touching, and have extensive experience in building fully responsive bespoke customized CMS websites, with respect to backend development I have experience using various PHP frameworks but preffer to use Wordpress and WebAssist as a good starting piont and then let fly with my passion for OO and procedural PHP, I have recently been learning Ruby, Polymer, Firebase, Double Click and CSS Post Processors.
Whatever you need, whether it's a landing page, microsite, e-detail or simple 3-page website for your new company, or something on a much larger scale like a responsive and animated portfolio or CMS website, a fully-fledged E-Commerce solution with SagePay or PayPal checkout or maybe a Social Networking website, I'm your man! I also design Apps for mobiles and tablets. I will work with and for any business or individual in complete confidence. No matter what field you're in or what size the company, I will be sure to meet all of your needs and provide an exceptional service every step of the way I have a fully equipped office but can work from client's premises if required.

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My last role was as a Developer at DJM Digital now (DJM Unlimited) part of the Creston Health division of Creston PLC my main duties were creating WordPress websites, e-details, microsites and HTML5 apps for some of the biggest names within the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors, my contract of employment prohibits me from adding details any projects I worked on during my time there.


Digital Photography

Digital Photography Competitions; One of my last projects prior to taking the contract as a frontend developer a free to enter competition website, members can win a web page featuring their photography, links and information users can also build free advertising for products, services, or create wanted adverts this site incorporates user messaging and a simple cgi forum as well as a cms and full functional administrative backed, AJAX username availability checking, and voting system, user logging and integrated Google analytics reporting also includes a amazon associates affiliate sales page and winners certificates in the form of elegant pdf's to help with the admin costs of running the site.

Ballooning 4 All


Ballooning 4 all; offers hot air ballooning vouchers and coupons, e-commerce website written in classic .asp some .aspx .net and a lot of javascript all on a responsive layout using pure clean media queries for Smart phones, tablets and desktops this project marks the start of a new collaboration between west13web and e– & is a feeder site for sales of hot air ballooning experience vouchers for who sell a wide range of experience vouchers for Flying, Driving, Shooting, Riding & more...



J. Maskrey

Shooting-vouchers; e-commerce website written in classic .asp some .aspx .net and a lot of JavaScript all on a responsive layout using pure clean media queries for Smart phones, tablets and desktops and some fallback polyfills where necessary in javaScript. offers archery, clay pigeon, paintballing, archery, crossbow and axe throwing vouchers and coupons, this project marks the second of the series of websites being the product of the collaboration between west13web and e– & is another feeder site for who sell a wide range of experience vouchers including Flying, Driving, Shooting, Riding & more...


Sub Sea Infrastructure; formed in 2004 by a group of industry professionals, backed by independent financiers, determined to take advantage of the latest developments in reverse osmosis technology to provide a genuine cost-effective and low-impact alternative to large-scale desalination plants – the mobile, modular, desalination solution. commercial website built on a Wordpress CMS frame work used to showcase Sub Sea Infrastructures projects to potential new clients globally.

Custom Paint

Revolution Custom Paint; Founded by Graham Smith in 1990 & based in Reading, Berks celebrated it's 24th Anniversary last year, this website is an online showcase of some of the fantastic paint work and custom motorcycles created by Revolution custom paint over the years. This site maintains itself really occasionally I will be asked to add some more photographs and create a few more pages.

Your Digital

Your Digital Photography(; Oxfordshire based freelance photographer features random image display on the home page & a votes logging system for the image galleries, the web site features include a CMS & admin back end.

J. Maskrey

J. Maskrey

J. Maskrey; Has recently decided to concentrate on her new business venture and has been taken off line for the time being, for further information please get in touch.